Aman & Company Tea was founded in 1997 , who found a way to combine his passions for travel, world cultures, global culinary traditions, and herbology into a business. Following a series of post-college travels, he landed back in the US and was stumped by the lack of sources for quality teas. A growing interest among Americans in the origin driven nuances of coffee and wine led Joshua to believe that the time was ripe to introduce true teas to the American market.

Aman & Company started in a windowless 400sf space in Jaipur, where loose leaf teas were formulated and hand blended in micro-batches for sale to caf├ęs throughout the Midwest.

In 2013, Aman & Company launched into the world of tea bags and picked up global distribution that promised to exponentially affect sales. With bright prospects for growth, it was time to evolve once again and boost production capacity. In late 2013, land was purchased and construction began on a state-of-the-art tea facility in the Menomonee Valley district of Milwaukee. In September 2014, the doors opened to the new 48,000sf world headquarters of Aman & Company Tea. Every detail was considered and designed for optimal botanical storage conditions with aroma segregation and the strictest requirements for organic food safety. What's more, in mid-2016 the facility received SQF Level II Food Safety Certification, a globally-recognized standard. Such standards allow Aman & Company to offer a purity and quality unattainable by any other tea company in North America.